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About Me


Hello, I'm James a guy into old tech, old currency, lanugage and history in general. Not really much to put here.

I made this webstite with Microsoft FrontPage 2003 - really noobish I know, but I really just wanted to get this site out quickly, maybe one day I will write it by hand? Anyways, I plan to do some parts hand made, I.E. the Gallery; not sure when that will be done though.

My collection is mostly old Macs and some PCs - my entire collection age dating from about 1981- 2006, but I mainly collect Macs in the System 7 era.

I have been intrested in old technology for almost a decade now, but I've only had the means to collect for about 3 years.


PC Specs


I have an alright PC for what I need, at least I would say.

Motherboard: MSI B350 Tommahawk

Graphics Card: EVGA GTX 1060 6GB

Processor: Ryzen 7 2700X


2 DVD RW Drives

1TB Western Digital Blue HDD

4TB Western Digital Blue HDD


Windows 7 Ultimate





You can reach me via email, at luxuryaerozona (((((at))))

I also have a Discord, but I really don't feel like linking it here, I am a admin on Kugee's Razorback server, so I guess you can talk to me there.




Kugee: Good friend of mine, he helped me get the webserver going for about 4 days

Tonko301: Another good friend of mine, very knowlageable on the subject of CRTs - also does stupid pranks and stunts with technology and such

OfficialAndriey/DreamProject: Operator of the DreamProject Team, making remasters of Windows 9x

Scan Lines: Another friend, extremely knowlageable about old systems, he doesn't have a website yet though

Clint's Nuts: Goofy website good for testing old browsers made by my friend Shinola