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Last updated September 22nd, 2022 at 5:56PM EST

Hi, I'm Luxury, or Bryce, or real name is James, I made this site out of literal boredom, I guess I'll put some pictures of some of my collection on here at some point. I collect Macintosh computers mostly from the System 7 & 8 era, I have a lot, and I will list them on the "computers" page. However, my interest towards Macintosh systems has sort of dwindled, right now I've been enjoying tinkering with Dell Dimensions of any era, but I'm sure that is soon to change like most things about me.

Yes, if it's not obviously apparent, I am a furry. I became of aware of the fandom in 2014, but didn't fully concsider myself a member until 2020. If you want to insult me, I've already heard every one in the book. Maybe come up with something more creative >:p. Anyway, I really took off in my interest in the fandom when I came across the visual novel Angels with Scaly Wings (Available on Steam, and consoles! [Modern PC required to view]) tyring to not devulge into a full fledged review, this game brought apon some great long lasting friendships with community members, and some I wish to forget. Really, you could write a book about some of the things I saw in those Discord servers... Anywho, this is what really inspired my love of dragons, all tjhings furry and creating my own worlds, something I had already did my entire life mind you, but this is really what got ,me into it again.

I 've been into old computers almost my entire life. Starting in 2011 when I saw one of those "every version of Windows startup/shutdown" compilations on YouTube on my iPod touch. My first true expierance with computers was in 2006 using my mom's Dell Dimension 3000, with similar specs to the one I own now, unfortunatly that original machine is long gone, however I still do own the *original* monitor and mouse to it, which I have hooked up to my current Dell Dimension. In 2008, I can recall playing Flash games on my grandmother's Dell Inspiron laptop, I don't remember the exact model, but it was the type with the media center buttons on the bottom near the clasp for the display. By this time I was already falling in love with computers, and longing for my own. In 2014, that wish came true when I was gifted a used eMachines PC from my mother, which she had recived for free from her job. I used this thing to hell and back until 2016 when the PSU gave out on it. In 2017, after a lot of begging and dreams of becoming an "artist" I was gifted a Dell Netbook for Christmas. This thing is what I consider to be one of the worst computers I ever owned, and while I was greatful for getting it as a gift, it truly was afwul. I remember it only had about 100 or so gigabytes of storage, requiring me to buy USB flash drives to hold my data, I distinctly remeber hooking a USB hub up to it, and running 5 or 6 128gb USB sticks up top it at once. This is also when I figured out you can save Steam data to a USB stick. In 2018, things took a turn for the wost, while in an intensse match of TF2, I elbowed my glass of milk onto the keyboard, causing it to never work right again. Heartbroken, I went to Staples and bought a cheap Logitech keyboard to use with it. (I should also mention the mouse I was using for gaming on this PC was literally the Dell ball mouse that came with the original Dimension 3000 lmao.) In 2018, my dreams of building my own computer were granted, when for Christmas of that year, I recived all the parts for building my own computer, the original specs being a Ryzen 3, 8gb of RAM, and a NVidia GeForce 1060 6gb.

That brings us to now, I've emassed a large collection of both vintage, and semi moden computers which I will be documenting in my "Computers" page!

<= Feel free to email any questions/issues/.comments about this site! (Warning, this inbox is NOT checked frequently, so if I don't respond to your message in a timely manner, I am sorry.)