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My Summer Car, the best game ever made. - 05/12/21 - 10:58pm EDT

My Summer Car, where do I start? This has to be one of the best game I've played, I bought it first on September 11th 2018, after finding it through the channel Mark Hates Kittens. During this time I was going through a hellish experience in my middle school years. Which left me extremely suicidal and wracked with anxiety and paranoia. The game has a quite a learning curve, I've had people describe it as one of those Unity games. I didn't listen to them though, quickly becoming one of, if not my favorite games. The open world Finnish country side setting took my heart. The plot is that you need to repair your dad's old car, find a girlfriend, and drive your new drunk "friend" home! Sounds basic, I know, but it's the basicness that makes the game what it is. The game also has a really amazing sound track, written by Johannes Rojola (the game's developer), NERK, Jörkka Sten, Jorma Pulkkonen & Kipeät Kikkelit,Heikki Mustone, KTROPR, the list can go on. For a while, I was looking for a great free roaming game/slice of life simulation game, I often 'roleplay' in these types of games, I recall pseudo-roleplaying in Far Cry 2 on my Xbox 360 when I was younger. Pseudo-RPing in games that others find boring is how I make them fun! It's always fun to be someone you're not, why do you think I portray as a dragon when talking on the internet? What, I said nothing I am actually a dragon. Anyways, as I was writing this, I noticed I reached 900 hours! 900 hours in this game gives you time to really form an opinion about it. Much like some of my friends who have countless hours Hearts of Iron IV, a game I personally despise and write off as extremely boring; to each his own I guess. The games you play can really reflect your personality, for instance some like hard games, and others like casual games and others like competitive games, what ever you do have fun I suppose. My Summer Car is reaching the point where it will leave early access soon, and it's sequel My Winter Car is in development as we speak, very excited for that one. It seems MWC will be a sort of 90s dad simulator on top of the established car building and maintenance sim. I think this series has a very bright and exciting future, and if you have the cash I would highly reccoment that you pick up this game, it costs $14.99/15€. Cheers!



Motorola Moto G Power 2021 "Review". - 03/15/21- 10:29pm EDT

This week I aquired a Moto G Power 2021 edition smartphone, after breaking my iPhone 6s Plus. Going from iOS to Android has taken some getting used to, mostly just reajusting to things as I've used Android in the past. My first 4 smartphones ran Android. The phone itself is a good size, and the price point is better - coming it at $250 on Amazon, and regularly going on sale. The phone is heavy, heavier than the iPhone 6s Plus, and taller than it too. It also doesn't have the "notch" and includes the camera as a part of the screen. This device also toutes a 5000mAh battery, which is reported to last for 3 days, although I haven't tried this yet. The camera setup is also pretty cool, albiet worse than the 2020 model for some reason. It has a 48mp camera, with out a ultra wide mode, something that was on the 2020 model, weird I know. It also boasts a 6.6" screen, very good in my opinion. The phone's processor is a Snapdragon 625, coming with 4gb of RAM and 64gb expandable storage as default (you can add a MicroSD card in the SIM tray.) I don't really need a big and expensive phone, I've always rocked the $70 Wal-Mart burner phones for years - my first "expensive" phone was that iPhone 6, anyways. Would I reccomend this phone? - Yes, I would. I've only had it for a couple days now, I look foward to using this phone in the future.