01/01/24 - Happy New Year! Here we are in 2024, and I am feeling like updating this site again! I've come with some good news, I bought a new phone! So, this is going to be some sort of a review of this device. I bought a OnePlus Nord N30 5G off Amazon, for full price ($299 + MA sales tax + S&H), as of writing (January 1st, 2024) the device is on sale, for $250 instead of $299, so, of course like usual it's on-sale right after I bought it :D. Anyway, first impressions are important, and this phone did not disappoint, the box is plain, no image of the device itself. However, there is a blue stripe taking up half the box and going down the side, with "N30" repeating on the top, and "OnePlus Nord N30 5G" on the side. Other than that, nothing besides the OnePlus and Android logo, and regulatory info. Inside the box is where it gets better though, it has the phone (obviously) and, get this, it comes with the fucking wall adapter! And not just that, a FUCKING 50 WATT WALL ADAPTER!!!! Yeah, that's right, OnePlus included a complimentary 50w SuperVOOC (OnePlus/OPPO's in-house fast charging brand) adapter, and a red USB-A to USB-C cable. From their website, this can charget the phone from flat to 80% in under 40 minutes, and, from my own testing this seems accurate. And while I'm talking about the battery I can also brag about the 5000mAh battery, so from my usage, it lasts all day and half into the next, though, I should not that my usage involves alots of multimedia applications, I.E. Tiktok, YouTube, and instant messaging platforms, Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp, ect. Back to specs, it boasts a 108MP main camera, which for me is nice. I know, I know this isn't the best camera, espeically compared to flagship phones from Samsung, Apple and even OnePlus, but for my usecase, this is nice. Screen is good too, 120Hz LCD, no OLED here but that is alright with me. I am happy with what I got. Coming from my dying iPhone XR, with a battery that only lasts a few hours and an LCD with a dying backlight, this is a godsend. Compared to the XR, the N30 does have a slightly weaker processor, but I played some graphically intensive games on the N30, and I did not notice any stutter. So, unless you are a giant nerd this doesn't matter much, again at least in my use case. Anyway, 2 weeks in and I am really enjoying this phone! I can't complain about anything really, I already purchases a cool case (which reminds me of my mom's old PC case from the late 00s), and a 1TB microSD card for expansion, ah, I forgot to mention that this phone STILL has a headphone jack and microSD expapandable storage! So cool! Getting used to Android again has been a bit of a challenge, but a fun one at that. I already themed it, trying to go for a Android 4.0 KitKat vibe because that was what my first ever phone ran. I believe it was a Moto G (2015)? I'm still not sure and I've been looking for it but still can't find it, and, right as I'm writing this I'm realizing that the case I bought for this OnePlus is near identical to the case I bought for that Motorola! Haha. Anyway, if anything changes with this. I'll post it here. My New Year's resoultion is to blog AND update this website more, but we'll see if I'll actually do that :D.

08/22/23 - I'm not sure how to format this page, do I want stuff going from newest to oldest, or oldest to newest? Well, the way I am typing this now it's the former. I think this site is finally coming together after owning it for 2 years almost 3. I've never really been fully happy with this site until now. I was ever trying to be something I'm not, a fake "perfect" 90s style website, I was always afraid to be myself. Well, now I am actually being my real angsty furry self, and I'm happy with my site! More to come! If I had to date this website to a time in the past I would say maybe 1999-2002, at least that's what I'm going for with the version of MS Frontpage I'm using, and I must say that Microsoft makes really good office software and games, not so much operating systems lol. Though I actually like every release until Win 10. Somehow I have to effort to work on this despite how awful I feel recently. I've been so sad and I don't even know why, I feel happy but also sad? Idk. Angst I suppose. I will just keep on keeping on I guess, no matter how shitty I feel. I atleast got my job back. I don't care, I will release my feelings to the world, the only way to feel true freedom is to stop giving a shit what people think of you, no I don't care if this post is in any order I am saying stuff as I think it. Really I just can't believe summer is almost over. It feels like just yesterday I graduated and started to enjoy my summer. I was supposed to and kinda was doing an Apple Service class, I finished the class itself but couldn't be bother to do the final exam. Even though I really should because it will be useful not only getting a job now, but when I eventually move to Brazil to be with my husband. Idk, just a lot of racing thoughts I guess. It's good to get them out. I need to redo my "about me" page, because I find the stuff I wrote in it cringy and just me lying more to fit in. I don't give a fuck anymore, to be honest. Lmfao as I was about to upload this my Win 7 VM crashed (I write this site in a Windows XP VM, and upload it using a Windows 7 VM >:3)

08/20/23 - Well, I`m posting again. I haven't updated this website since September 2022, and that was only so I could pretend like I was doing work in my senior year electronics class. Honestly, I'm so happy I've graduated. I've been working more at my PC store job, but I want to get back into doing stuff with my hobbies (old pcs and shieet). I feel like I've been in a rough spot recently, happy but just unmotivated. Even writing this article is dificult. Oh well, I'm doing it now I guess. I've fully redone the front page. I'm redoing and adding things to all the pages. I have just been lazy to adding images and such, I want to complete and show off all the PCs and Macs I have in the computers tab. Well, I will be doing that over the coming days....